Welcome to Camborne Capital Group

Welcome to Camborne Capital Group (CCG). CCG is a privately owned company founded in 2012 and led by a highly talented executive team with an extensive global track record in delivering success across the energy and real estate sectors. As an investment company, we seek to produce long-term, stable cash flows by investing in sustainable real estate, renewable energy and power infrastructure assets.

In 2013, Camborne sold a substantial portfolio of energy assets to an investment vehicle backed by York Capital, a $27 billion US based fund. During 2014/2015, Camborne and Sustainable Power Group owned by Fir Tree Partners, a $13 billion private equity fund based in New York, jointly delivered a extensive portfolio of renewable energy assets across the UK.

CCG have since launched a strategy to deploy £250 million into energy storage as well as £1 billion into sustainable rental homes in partnership with private and institutional investors.